more family – building eternal relationships – high efficiency (powerful wind) – double thrust of prophetic and scriptural foundation – now abide faith, hope and love – what are you hoping for in 2016? – activation of faith – hundreds – heart for evangelism – reach the children; connect the family – 20s and teens – rain and reign of the Holy Spirit – friend of God; our heart beating with His – holiness – unity – joy


A word given through our Spiritual Father,  Dallas Elder, Ministry Director of Grace Covenant International: ” It is time to lead from the front.  Pastors Ed and Kristi are keepers of the dream, and others will realize their dreams as they support the dream that Ed and Kristi keep before them, revival is here!”


Come to The Well – Encounter God – Experience Family – a people of rapturous worship – prodigals coming home – hope for the hopeless – a season of Nehemiah – pools of healing – first hundreds, then thousands – the whole west end going up in the power of the Holy Spirit – fireballs at the altar – a people unoffendable – sometimes people belong before they believe – own it – more baptisms than ever before – transparency is important – MORE!


a season of boldness – increase in the prophetic – increase in gifts / family – miracles – pools of healing …. get in –  single-mindedness – prepare the nets – dreams, visions, visitations, passed the line of demarcation –  John 11:34 “… They said unto him, Lord, come and see.” – sense of invitation increases – inheritance – mantles –  reaping rewards of faithfulness – paradigm shift, reaping where we did not sow – Acts 29, our chapter – be prepared to join in the greatest adventure of your life – pick up your mantle and ride