Rapinchuk Pic
Pastors Ed and Kristi Rapinchuk

Pastors Ed and Kristi Rapinchuk met at Oakdale High School where they fell in love with each other and, more importantly, fell in love with the Lord Jesus Christ.  In 1982, they were married.  They served in ministry for 15 years in  Los Angeles, planted a church in Oakdale, and are now co-pastoring at The Well in Waterford.

The Lord gave Pastors Ed and Kristi pictures of The Well before it began and we are seeing His promises come to pass.


“God showed me a church filled with people worshiping Jesus in spirit and truth, that church is The Well; and worshipers are coming to fill it.”


“I saw a large artesian well.  At first, the water flowed with quite a bit of dirt and filth, but the water flowed freely and in large amount.  As time passed, the water began to wash clean and pure.  The Lord assured me that this is what He is doing and will continue to do at The Well.  People are being saved, healed and set free in an atmosphere of rich family and safety. ”


There are many different ideas on what the role of the pastor is or should be.  At The Well, the highest priority of our Pastors is to pursue an intimate relationship with The Father,  The Son and The Holy Spirit.  Their lives are focused on the presence of God, prayer, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and empowering others to do the same.

Here is an outline of some of the practical ways Pastors Ed and Kristi Rapinchuk display the call of God on their lives to lead the body of Christ at The Well:

  • Spend time in the presence of God
  • Prepare & orchestrate worship services
  • Empower leaders
    • prepare guidelines for ministry structure, growth and forward momentum
    • provide quarterly ministry time to advise, support, teach, disciple, build trust, establish heartbeat and culture at The Well
    • provide opportunity to meet personally with leaders
  • Connect with the congregation through
    • teaching, preaching, discipling and prayer request calls/visits